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Guardio®, Multichannel ECG FAST and EASY

Guardio® transforms the motions of the heart into the golden standard of cardiac diagnostics, the electrocardiogram (ECG) – simply by placing your smartphone on your chest.

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Listen To Your Heart

Guardio does not require any extra hardware. You can simply install our solution as an app on your smartphone. In addition to this, Guardio is super easy to use and does not require special knowledge in ECG recording.


One Technology Plenty of Opportunities

The modularity of our AI-based transformation engine enables a variety of sensors and devices to be used with Guardio. In combination with a Doppler-Radar, Guardio can be applied as a completely contactless multichannel ECG app.


Another Brick In The Wall To Guard Your Cardiac Health

Guardio helps to identify rhythm disorders as early as possible in order to prevent secondary diseases such as stroke. Our 6-Lead-ECG provides a higher diagnostic value which is a big advantage compared to a single lead ECG or a simple heart rate monitor (e.g., the Apple Watch).

For Patients

The Guardio®-App provides your health information to your physician in a fast and easy way. Take control of your health and reduce the time-to-diagnosis.

For Physicians

Extend your diagnostic portfolio while reducing the time-to-diagnosis in order to start treatments earlier.

For Insurance Companies

Improve the care of your clients by supporting an early detection of cardiac diseases. Thus, avoid a deterioration of their health status as well as unnecessary costs.


Prof. Dr. med. Dietmar Bänsch

Medical Director and Chief Physician of the Department of Rhythmology of the KMG Clinics in Güstrow, Germany

A quick recording of multichannel ECG data that is always available – as provided by Guardio – would be an absolute breaktrough in the diagnostics of rhythm disorders.

Dr. Grit Nonnemann

Cardiologist in Crivitz, Germany

I consider Guardio as a very good tool for diagnosing asymptomatic patients that thus can be saved from having a stroke. Moreover, i can verify the rhythm disorders of symptomatic patients without the need of additional tools.

Manon Austenat-Wied

Head of the TK regional office in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

We are convinced that the future of healthcare lies to a large extent in digital services for patients. User-friendly applications such as the smartphone-supported ECG are precisely the innovations that are needed for modern medical pre- and post-operative care, which is why we are happy to stand by Guardio as a companion along the way.



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VisionAward 2023

Guardio was awarded with the Vision Award 2023. Come and find us at the 6th of July in Munich at the award ceremony.

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